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The Honey Pot Co

Natural Feminine Wash

Natural Feminine Wash

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Natural Feminine Wash by The Honey Pot 

Use our daily normal intimate wash to balance your pH, boost moisture and soothe while gently cleansing your most delicate parts. The Honey Pot’s community favorite washes are science backed, dermatologist-approved, hypoallergenic, kind to and safe for skin. 


We’ve perfected our plant-derived natural feminine wash formula with the addition of lactic acid naturally occurring in the vaginal environment to support a balanced pH range of 3.5-4.5. The addition of lactic acid to our Honey Pot washes ensures effectiveness of the formula you know and love with an added twist of rich cleansing and soothing hydration. Gently work the wash into a lather around your vulva (aka your external genitalia) and rinse clean. One rinse with our plant-derived organic feminine cleanser and you'll kick your soap to the curb.



  • 5.51 Fl. oz
  • Dermatologist-approved and hypoallergenic
  • Kind to and Safe for Skin



  • Added parabens 
  • Dioxides 
  • Sulfates  

Our #1 washes have always had a preservative system – that is what delivers safe, high-quality formulas down to the last drop. We understand seeing new ingredients on the back of your wash bottle could be confusing, but we're here to help!  
• Phenoxyethanol  
Has antimicrobial properties to keep products stable   
• Sodium Benzoate  
Can support pH-balancing ingredients for a longer period of time   
• Propylene Glycol 
Functions as a humectant, which can support the moisture profile of a product.  

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