About Us

We are Art and Linda Seaman.  Our  journey to health began many years ago…. Linda first became interested in LIVING WELL when her son Ryan was born.  She wanted to give him only the best and made his baby food from scratch!  Later, Linda’s dad suffered with psoriasis for many years.  Doctor after doctor prescribed ointment after ointment but nothing worked.  Linda just felt that something deeper was wrong and began searching for natural remedies for psoriasis.  With the addition of just a few high quality herbs the psoriasis was quickly and completely healed.

Unfortunately life got busy, Linda went back to work and fell into the trap of convenience and junk foods.  It wasn’t uncommon for Linda to have lunch daily at McDonald’s and to drink multiple sodas a day! Cheetos and Chips Ahoy were here favorite binge foods!! In 2013 Linda’s mother was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.  Linda went on a mission, to find a cure for her mother!! Unfortunately, by the time of diagnosis, there was nothing conventional or natural medicine could do for her Mom, but it was an eye opening experience for Linda.  It brought her back to her roots, and back to her commitment to LIVE WELL. 

In 2014 Art and Linda met and she has slowly brought Art over to LIVING WELL, but Art also helps to balance Linda.  They now live a happy balanced  life and want to share their journey to LIVING WELL with YOU!