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Planetary Herbals

Calm Child Tablets

Calm Child Tablets

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Planetary Herbals Calm Child Tablets 

Difficulty in focusing and concentrating is one of the fastest growing problems for children today.  Too often, children are provided with a diagnosis before they are out of pre-school and are far too often prescribed pharmacological interventions such as amphetamines (Ritalin).

Michael Tierra originally formulated Calm Child for his own child, Chetan, then one year old, to address a wide array of potential childhood issues. 

Calm Child works in Three Important Ways

Together these botanicals work in three important ways to promote calm focused attention in children. They:

  • promote a calm relaxed nervous system
  • provide added nourishment which is essential for normal brain function
  • support a calm and healthy digestive system which is often an underlying cause of childhood restlessness.

The herbs in Calm Child have a long history of use for calm focused attention in children:
Lemon Balm: In his herbal of 1640, the renowned English medical botanist John Parkinson quoted Serapion the Younger (802-849) who said lemon balm is used "to cause the mind and heart to become strengthen the weakness of the spirits and heart, and to comfort them..." This belief in the comforting effects of lemon balm persisted and was repeated by Avicenna, who stated "it makes the heart merry and strengthens the vital spirit." In the 16th century, the renowned herbalist Nicholas Culpeper reported on the use of lemon balm for melancholy and sadness. Herbalists and midwives today continue to use lemon balm for the same purposes.
Chamomile: Well-known in the nineteenth century, chamomile was used for crying, weepy children and to support calm digestion. Herbalists have long recognized a relationship between upset stomachs and restless children. Today, it is still widely used in homeopathy for babies' teething and children's clinginess. Other complementary ingredients in Calm Child include: jujube seeds (zizyphus), one of the most nourishing and relaxing nerve tonics used in Chinese herbalism; the incredibly nourishing berries of hawthorn and amla; the calming, aromatic, and digestive promoting effects of catnip, anise, clove, and long pepper; the legendary gotu kola for promoting mental well-being and attention; and the minerals magnesium (taurinate) and calcium (citrate), both necessary for normal nerve and muscular function.


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