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Redd Remedies

Gouch!™ Natural Gout Support

Gouch!™ Natural Gout Support

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Gouch!™ Natural Gout Support

Tart Cherry Quercetin Couch Grass Ginger Blend

by Redd Remedies 

Fight the excruciating pain of excess uric acid & gout without the danger of diuretics!*+

Suffering from excess uric acid? You’ve likely experienced:

  • Agonizing pain in your feet or other joints 
  • Intense swelling and redness.
  • An inability to enjoy restful sleep due to acute joint discomfort. 
  • The emotional turmoil of giving up some of your favorite activities, because you hurt too much. 

Excess uric acid doesn’t just affect your joints. It affects your whole life! 

Gouch!™ was formulated to fight the agony of excess uric acid… and help you take back the pain-free life you deserve. 


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