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Mold, Yeast & Dust

Mold, Yeast & Dust

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Natural Care (formerly BioAllers) Mold, Yeast & Dust 

NaturalCare bioAllers is a unique allergy relief system that uses allergens to stimulate the body's natural defenses and calm the allergy response. 

  • Homeopathic
  • For the Relief of
    • Sinus Congestion
    • Sneezing & Runny Nose
    • Itchy, Watery Eyes
  • 20% USP Alcohol



  • Effective: Natural, active ingredients treat allergy symptoms at the source.
  • Gentle: Non-drowsy formula without the jitters, dryness or thirst.
  • Safe: No known medication interactions

Uses: May help temporarily relieve allergy symptoms, congestion, headache, itchy, water eyes and sneezing. 

Adults and children 12 years and over: take 15 drops under the tongue every 3-4 hours.
Sensitive persons and asthma sufferers: take 1-3 drops and wait 3 hours then continue with regular dosage provided. If allergy or asthma symptoms develop, discontinue use.
Children 2-12 years: take 3-5 drops under the tongue 3 times daily.

Supplement Facts
Servings per Container: 0

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Purpose: Decongestant

Adrenalinum 6 X

Purpose: Relief of allergy symptoms

Arsenicum iodatum 6 X

Lycopodium clavatum 6 X

Natrum sulphuricum 6 X

Silicea 6 X

Purpose: Antihistamine

Histaminum hydrochloricum 12 X

Purpose: Assist with the management of all allergy symptoms

Aspergullus flavus 12 X

Aspergillus fumigatus 12 X

Aspergullus glaucus 12 X

Aspergillus nidulans (mold) 12 X

Aspergillus niger (mold) 12 X

Candida albicans (yeast) 12 X

Farinae (dust mite) 12 X

House dust 12 X

Mucor plumbeus (mold) 12 X

Penicillium camemberti (mold) 12 X

Penicillium digitatum (mold) 12 X

Penicillium roqueforti (mold) 12 X

Saccharomyces (bakers yeast) 12 X

Saccharomyces (brewer's yeast) 12 X

¹ Aspergillus is a common mold found in wet climates, on wood and is a primary decomposer of fallen leaves and vegetation. Penicillium is a common mold found on foods, especially cheeses and bread.
Other Ingredients: Alcohol, purified water.

Stop and ask a doctor if:

Symptoms do not improve in 5 days or new symptoms appear or you are an asthma sufferer with severe mold allergies.

If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.




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