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Redd Remedies

True Energy Natural Energy Support

True Energy Natural Energy Support

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Redd Remedies True Energy

A gluten free natural supplement to support physical and mental energy

The foundation of Redd Remedies True Energy is powerful adaptogen herbs, Rhodiola and Asian Panax ginseng. These herbs bring balance to the body and allow for optimal physical and mental energy.* Together they work to harmonize the function of all key systems of the body.

True Energy doesn’t just give you a short-term boost of energy, it supports stamina and endurance to produce sustainable, healthy physical and mental energy throughout your day.

True Energy targets 3 key body systems essential to optimal physical and mental energy: 

  • Adrenal function
  • Thyroid function
  • Liver function

Key Ingredients

  • Rhodiola supports physical energy, as well as mental focus and clarity.*
  • Asian Panax Ginseng, considered the grandfather of adaptogens, supports stress reduction.*
  • Cordyceps, a mushroom once reserved for the Emperor of China, supports healthy stamina.*
  • Royal Jelly, the exclusive food of the queen bee, supports healthy liver function.*
  • Licorice Root, an important botanical in both Eastern and Western herbalism, supports healthy adrenal function.*
  • Atlantic Kelp supports healthy thyroid function.*
  • Co-enzymated Vitamin B-6 plays a crucial role in many of the body’s processes, including energy metabolism.*

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SSuggested Use:  Use 2 capsules daily with food. 

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