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Berberine with Oregon Grape

Berberine with Oregon Grape

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Zhou Berberine with Oregon Grape

 What’s better than a triple threat? That’s right, a QUADRUPLE threat. Berberine with Oregon Grape is your new go-to for improved energy, digestive health & immune function, blood sugar support for levels already in a normal range, AND heart health. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, our little buddy Berberine may help support all four of these essential elements of health. Plus, for those of you on the keto diet, Berberine with Oregon Grape is a great tool to help support normal ketone synthesis.

Digestive Health

Berberine may help provide support for maintaining digestive health.

Fat Metabolism

Berberine is extracted from the oregon grape, and may help support healthy metabolism of fat.

Heart Health

Together, berberine and oregon grape are designed to work synergistically to support regular blood sugar levels already in a normal range and promote overall heart health.



root extract

Oregon grape



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